Tensegrity Medicine™

Tensegrity Medicine™ is the work that inspired me to become a practitioner.  Tensegrity Medicine™ comes from Kelly Clancy, Northwest School of Structural Therapy.  I was first introduced to this work in 2010 as a client recovering from soft tissue injuries, and later worked administratively in the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine clinic that Kelly had founded.  This opportunity allowed me to observe the work first hand and see many clients heal injuries that had been with them for years, avoid surgery, and become pain free.  This page will be in a continual state of transformation, so please check back from time to time. 




Tensegrity Medicine™ begins with a thorough evaluation to include:  Discussion of the client's history, assessment of postural alignment in standing and in motion, and myofascial testing.  Re-evaluation continues throughout the course of treatment as the myofascia is reorganized. 

Techniques Applied

Techniques are applied throughout the course of treatment based on individual client evaluation and need.  The work is generally gentle in nature and should not cause pain.  The techniques are effective at releasing tension, holding patterns, and restoring myofascial balance and length.    



Awareness and Integration

With dialogue and movement re-education the client can begin to incorporate the physical changes that just occurred during their session. Awareness dialogue helps the client to pay attention to how their body felt pre and post treatment.  This will also bring awareness to attitudes and beliefs that contribute to or limit postural integrity and movement patterns.  Awareness and integration of new movement patterns help the nervous system remember it's new length and balance.