Bodymind Bridge

Bodymind Bridge

Bodymind Bridge is a self-healing hypnotherapy that puts you safely in charge of accessing your deeper healing mind. Your deeper mind has vital information about your healing that can: ease or eliminate pain or physical symptoms, release anxiety and trauma stored in the body, shift adaptive patterns that have been intelligent for your system but are no longer serving you.

How the Sessions Works:

A Bodymind Bridge session begins with a thorough “Innerview” where you will create your intent and optimum outcome for the session. This can include any details of your life story you want to speak. It can include your history, current life events, physical symptoms, emotions, or inquiries you would like to explore. After a short break, you will settle into a quiet and cozy space on a chair or a bed. I will then guide you into your deeper healing mind where you are in charge and get to make decisions about anything you want to shift in your life.

Additional Information:

Bodymind Bridge sessions can be in person or over zoom. Your session will include:

  • A 20 minute phone consultation prior to your session.
  • A 1-2 hour session
  • A personal follow up a few days after.

To set up a consult you may call or fill out the contact form.